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  1. Audience Member - Northern Stage

    The best dance [I have] ever seen, totally amazing!

  2. alexis bates

    Absolutely speechless! Such inspiring talent! performing the curtain raiser at warwick arts centre made everything better, not to mention meeting nobulus and having a workshop with them at college!!! I could watch them all day!

  3. Laura Thurman

    Saw the production at the Northern Stage last night. The adrenaline is still pumping 12 hours later. Absolutely stunning performance, weaving creativity, humour and stark insights spanning the spectrum of emotions into a thoroughly enjoyable show. I don’t think I breathed at all through the last 20 minutes! Thank you

  4. Susan Hartley

    Superb saw this today .Ten amazing dancers in their own right but superbly put together with an amazing creator and music. Very talented people..The bar ,gambling and drug scene and the aftermath.The gym where they made a treadmill with their bodies and a weights bench the same. It was life ,death n everything inbetween . AMAZING !!!

  5. Susan Simpson

    I have never watched a professional dance performance prior to this but wanted to see this as the school my daughter teaches in did a similar theme 2 years ago.I was drawn into the tale by the strength of storytelling which was carried by the mesmerising motion and technical performance displayed. A memorable night.

  6. HO

    We all (aged 8 upwards) thoroughly enjoyed it – the combination of incredible dance with physical theatre, comedy, and pathos made the show hugely enjoyable and moving.

  7. Rosiee Pallin

    I saw out of the shadows: nobulus today and it absolutely blew me away, it was fantastic and left me completely speechless, sooo inspiring and made me cry at the end, its amazing how drama, dance and alittle creativity can make such a beautiful peace of art… Possibly the best dance group ever

  8. Oxford Playhouse

    Comments book:

    ‘This is the most amazing thing I have seen in the Playhouse for years!! Thank you’

    ‘Very nice! Good storie [sic.]. Loved it. Nice surprises.’

    ‘Fantastic, very unique!’

    ‘Absolutely Fantastic. One of the Best Shows I have ever seen!!!’


    ‘One of the best things I’ve seen on stage in a long time! Fantastic!!’

    ‘Absolutely Amazing!!’

    ‘Inspiring – such vitality – Awakening. Thanks.’

    ‘Incredible! How do they move their bodies like that?’

    ‘Fantastico! Fabuloso!’

    ‘Completely different and very compelling.’

    ‘D-ACTING – wonderful’

    ‘Absolutely fantastic – made me feel so good.’

    ‘Fantastic – Thank God.’

  9. Dr Gilda Davies

    This was the most mesmerising synopsis of the evolution of man I have ever seen. It told so clearly the story of his triumphant emergence from the pool of life as an intelligent and beautiful creature who becomes a slave to his own intellect, which destroys him. It showed the freedom which modern man can enjoy by breaking free of these shackles, returning to the things that really make him happy and fulfilled; using his intellect and physical prowess to create beauty and achieve the most amazing physical feats. I was so excited by this performance, I wished I could go back and live my life again. I wish that all children could see this parable being told as it was, by human beings using the freedom that we have each been gifted with; our bodies and our higher senses excited by rhythm and music. This was a story more clearly illustrated than any classical ballet I have seen, and was equally as beautifully danced. THANK YOU FOR THE EXPERIENCE.

  10. Stewart Griffiths

    Have just been to see the opening night of Out Of The Shadow by Nobulus at the Oxford Playhouse. What a fantastic show. Amazing dancing with a good dose of humour, and a story that everybody can follow. Highlights of the evening included the evolution of man, and the individual sets in the encore were just amazing. This show is not to be missed, just a shame it is only in Oxford for one more night.

  11. TJE

    Saw the show at Oxford Playhouse last night and really enjoyed it! The dancers were awesome. I loved the story and music and lighting. These are some seriously talented performers!