Nobulus prepare for UK tour

With the rehearsals of Out Of The Shadow well underway for their UK tour, Nobulus dancer Erhan took time out of their busy schedule to talk to us about the rehearsals and their feelings ahead of their visit to the UK.


“The rehearsals are going fine. As you might imagine, our regular days are very busy. Even after the hard rehearsals we mostly go to the gym every day.


We have already seen the first draft of our costumes which are great. They don’t look like the past costumes!

Regarding the tour, we are excited to be in UK and are sure we’ll love our time there.”

Erhan Dikkaya Erhan

We will be keeping you updated with Nobulus’ tour preparations as it gets closer to opening night and of course the activities of the company whilst touring up and down the country!


You can also keep up to date on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

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