First night at Oxford Playhouse

What a fantastic first night at Oxford Playhouse and a tremendous reception!

We spoke to dancers Aritz and Erhan to find out how it went for them!

“Today was a super hard day, we started at 11am with the lights to glue our positions.
For those who don´t know what we mean with “glue our positions” it is when we put stickers in the light spot for some of the most important pictures of the show, like the dinosaur, the bar…
It took us more time than expected and we finished at 6pm without time for a run through!! We just did the first part, almost with out time to warm up and stretch! We had some problems, Rudy fell from the stage and Eleni and Kelox crashed into a light but everything was really good!

Thank you Oxford for your support!”

Now time for a debrief and plan for tomorrow night!

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