Everybody Dance Now: Newcastle

The Everybody Dance Now group in Newcastle have been getting warmed up for their pre show curtain raiser on Saturday 9 November. Check out these moves!

Nico McCarthy working with 2 groups from Custom’s Breaks: “It was nice to get to know the group in the 2days rehearsals and they were very enthusiastic and giving out plenty idea’s.

They are breaker’s but they were open minded to learn different styles and even though sometimes they lost their concentration, they have helped each other and worked hard as a group in 2 full days.

There is 3 from younger group and 3 from older group. I was very proud to see the older group helping the younger group with the choreography and proud of the younger group to be focused and listening to the older group even though in some bits they were hard on them.  They never gave up or moaned in any point.

It was head wreck for me in some point but the group is lovely and they have good relationship between them. I was happy to meet them and to be able to work with them.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s performance now!!”

IMG-20131029-00151 IMG-20131029-00154 South Tyneside-20131029-00156

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