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“One of the biggest opportunities I will ever be given. I watch hip-hop crews all the time on YouTube. I am exhilarated about this. I hope to gain new moves, new mentality and fresh foundation. Thank you for giving me this opportunity”

Nobulus prepare for UK tour

With the rehearsals of Out Of The Shadow well underway for their UK tour, Nobulus dancer Erhan took time out of their busy schedule to talk to us about the rehearsals and their feelings ahead of their visit to the UK.


“The rehearsals are going fine. As you might imagine, our regular days are very busy. Even after the hard rehearsals we mostly go to the gym every day.


We have already seen the first draft of our costumes which are great. They don’t look like the past costumes!

Regarding the tour, we are excited to be in UK and are sure we’ll love our time there.”

Erhan Dikkaya Erhan

We will be keeping you updated with Nobulus’ tour preparations as it gets closer to opening night and of course the activities of the company whilst touring up and down the country!


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Everybody Dance Now

The Everybody Dance Now (EDN) programme seeks to find a creative, artist-led solution to the challenge of delivering sustained audience engagement alongside touring work. When companies, especially international ones, are touring nationally they are in any one location only briefly and so lack the time and capacity to build strong and lasting relationships within communities.

Alex Wengler teaches moves from Out of the Shadow

Alex Wengler teaches moves from Out of the Shadow

Photo : Kate Scanlan

The artists who will be leading the Everybody Dance Now programme around the country all came together last week for an intense residency with Alex Wengler from Nobulus. They had an amazing time learning moves from the show. If you fancy learning some moves from Out of the Shadow then check out the video tutorial by Alex below.

Out Of The Shadow: Show Me

Nobulus blog

We’ll be looking forward to following the Nobulus crew on tour around the UK.
Check back here to find out what they’ve been up to and see what they think of your town!

Nobulus "Out of the Shadow"