The Show

Nobulus has its roots in the Bboy breaking crew Moving Shadows, established 1998. In 2007 the crew renamed themselves Nobulus.

Nobulus is a dance crew, which understands urban dance as an evolving genre. The physical language of Bboying, popping, locking, NuStyle, House and contemporary dance are mixed and partnered with different techniques including classical and experimental dance styles to merge with the bodies of the dancers to create structures, machines and animals.

The main priority in the creation process for Nobulus, besides the development of dance techniques and styles, is the context and story telling elements to create a genuine and engaging theatrical dance experience. They are constantly experimenting to find new stylistic devices and are in a state of constant change as part of their continued development of new work for audiences.

“Tall, wired and graceful, this Austrian crew used the disjointed, cartoonish energy of hip hop to transform themselves into an eerie variety of forms – from flickering cosmic matter to an apocalyptic battle of human tanks and guns.” THE GUARDIAN

Out of the Shadow, created by Alexander Wengler, combines classical music with urban dance and was awarded the Prize for Cultural Commitment in 2007 by City of Salzburg, Austria, along with a series of successful performances and press reviews across Germany, London and San Francisco. Extracts of Out of the Shadow have been presented twice at Breakin’ Convention, first in 2007 and returning due to popular demand to headline in 2008.

After two years of creative development, in 2009 the piece was revised and developed further into a full-length piece [80 mins], which toured across nine venues in Austria including two performances with a 60-piece live orchestra accompanying the piece. Dance Touring Partnership is delighted to be touring Out of the Shadow to 12 venues around the UK this autumn 2013.

Age suitability: PG
Running time 105 minutes (includes a 15 min interval)